Alina, a 29-year-old from Frankfurt, is the woman behind the sweet brand and runs a Raw Cake company. In the middle of the first lockdown, at a time that doesn't really invite founding, she decided to sweeten Frankfurt with her healthy cakes every day. Before Joolina Cakery, she graduated with a bachelor's degree in "exercise and health" with a nutritional focus. Her enthusiasm for sports aroused her interest in the healthy sources of nutrients called Raw Cakes, because they are full of proteins despite being exclusively plant-based ingredients; ideal for maintaining and increasing performance. The cakes are produced by her and new cake creations are constantly being added.
With Joolina Cakery, Alina wants to show her birthplace and favorite city Frankfurt that cake is more than just an add-on product to coffee, mass-produced goods from baking machines or just a trashy dessert. Her cakes can be enjoyed without a guilty conscience and at the same time provide the body with important nutrients.

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